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At Master Power Brakes, we strive for unparalleled product quality and customer service. While our goal is to provide an ideal fit, every automobile and truck we attempt to outfit has its own set of unique characteristics that may not be readily identifiable. Please bear in mind that in certain, unusual circumstances, vehicle modification may be necessary to successfully install our application.

It is your responsibility to ensure, at a minimum, accurate identification of: vehicle history, vehicle modifications, wheel and tire combination, make, model, original brake configuration, axles, chassis, front end, rear end and bolt patterns. These characteristics must be conveyed to us so we may help identify the proper application.

We can only respond to the information you give us. You are ultimately responsible for detailed review of each kit and component fit and suitability of your vehicle.


-Installation of brake parts should only be performed by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of automotive and truck braking systems.

-The braking system is the most critical safety feature on your vehicle.  While we pride ourselves on ease of use and ease of installation, please insure you allow sufficient time and tools to properly install your kit or component and allow for sufficient time to adequately test your installation.

-Brake installations must be maintained and should be checked regularly for damage, fatigue, safety and wear.

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