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Engineered to Fit:

Each brake conversion kit we sell is designed and engineered to fit a specific vehicle and application. Every step is taken to make your conversion as much of a bolt-on as possible.


Individual hobbyist customers and dealer/installers praise our ability to listen and determine the best solution for each project. Have an issue or question? Or simply want to review an installation guide? Just call. We'd love to help.


Making your installation easy really matters to us. We supply components that match the application, pre-assemble as much as possible and package everything carefully and in an organized manner while providing you with clear, concise instructions.


Every part we use is carefully chosen as if we were going to install it on our own cars. Since we started in 1983 we've said, "If we can't be proud of it, we won't sell it."

"If we can't be proud of it, we won't sell it."


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Bleeder Syringe Kit - p/n: AC20010K

Our bleeder syringe kit speeds up the process of bench bleeding your master cylinder.

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Booster Pin Adjustment Gauge - p/n: AC2003

The booster pin to master cylinder piston gap is extremely important when getting a brake system to operate correctly and comfortably.

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Brake System Diagnostic Kit - p/n: AC2004KX

Diagnosing a brake system has never been easier. Our deluxe diagnostic kit includes all of the tools and information ncessary to properly identify any problem you might be experiencing.

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Heavy Duty Tube Cutter - p/n: AC7003

Our heavy duty tube brake line cutter can make light work on just about any brake line material and diameter.

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Hydraulic Brake Line Flaring Kit - p/n: AC71300

This hydraulic brake line flaring tool kit makes flaring brake line a breeze. Produce production quality push connect and 45 degree double flares every time.

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Manual Brake Line Flaring Kit - p/n: AC70092

Produce production quality flares every time. This manual brake line flaring tool kit makes standard 45 degree flares and double flares. Also includes a heavy duty brake line cutter.

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