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Why Master Power?

Every part we use is carefully chosen as if we were going to install it on our own cars. Since we started in 1983 we've said, "If we can't be proud of it, we won't sell it."

Engineered to Fit:

Each brake conversion kit we sell is designed and engineered to fit a specific vehicle and application. Every step is taken to make your conversion as much of a bolt-on as possible.


Making your installation easy really matters to us. We supply components that match the application, pre-assemble as much as possible and package everything carefully and in an organized manner while providing you with clear, concise instructions.


Individual hobbyist customers and dealer/installers praise our ability to listen and determine the best solution for each project. Have an issue or question? Or simply want to review an installation guide? Just call. We'd love to help.

1966 Ford Mustang Booster/Master Combo Kit - p/n: BM1524
1966 Ford Mustang Booster/Master Combo Kit - p/n: BM1524 1966 Ford Mustang Booster/Master Combo Kit - p/n: BM1524

1966 Ford Mustang Booster/Master Combo Kit - p/n: BM1524

Convert the manual brakes in your Mustang to power brakes using our bolt-in power brake conversion kit with a 7” dual diaphragm brake booster and a 1" bore master cylinder.

Price: $425.00


Converting your 1966 Ford Mustang to a power booster from your current manual master cylinder is a simple bolt-in installation. It doesn’t matter if you have a single or dual reservoir master cylinder to begin with, our power booster conversion kits are designed with the 1966 Mustang application in mind making the installation as simple as possible.


Many cars prior to the 1970’s used a single reservoir master cylinder. This is not the safest of situations. If a master cylinder should fail and there is only one line and reservoir, you will effectively lose brakes on the entire vehicle. With a dual reservoir master cylinder, you have the security knowing that the front and rear braking systems on your '66 Mustang are completely separate from one another. Upgrading to a dual reservoir master cylinder should be the first upgrade you make if your car is equipped with a single reservoir master cylinder.


You have decided to upgrade your classic '66 Ford Mustang to power brakes, don’t cut corners with kits that use remanufactured components. Everything in our kits is all brand new. We only use the best available, new components when assembling our kits.

  • Includes:
  • 7" Dual Diaphragm Power Brake Booster
  • 1" Bore Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder
  • Booster Mounting Bracket
  • Push Rod
  • Vacuum Hose w/ Manifold Fitting
  • Syringe Bleeder

What kind of brake fluid should I use?
DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid is recommended. DOT 5 or silicone brake fluid should not be used.

Does my new master cylinder need to be bench bled?
Yes, any time a new master cylinder is being installed it will have to be bench bled.

How much vacuum do I need for a power brake system?
You will need to have 18" Hg with the car at idle.

I just purchased a power disc brake conversion kit. Is the booster pin already set for my master cylinder?
All of the power disc brake conversion kits and booster / master cylinder kits we sell have the booster pin correctly set for the master cylinder.

What is a combination valve?
A combination valve incorporates metering and proportioning into one valve providing all necessary valving for disc/drum systems.


Please Note:If you need information about installation requirements or situations specific to your vehicle, call us in advance of purchasing with specific questions regarding your vehicle.

We are even happy to email you installation instructions before you buy equipment. Just call and ask your sales/service rep.